Be attention is risk of scam

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Be attention is risk of scam

Messaggioda ReworkPro » ven 06 lug, 2012 5:44 pm

Hello dear members and friend of forum, now is the time to discover the truth that was hiden after a stolen address of bussines, this person called Paul Rysdale is a big

we have done a software of bauer for him and after this he never paid, he add us for sometime as reseller in a false website advertised as, now i will explain to undersand betetr the truth, he advertise the Bauer Scc V4 as a project done in UK and projected from him that really is so ignorant that don't know to design a website but use a ready flash templates from we sell bauer since before he start to sell it and the machines was called IR pro scc v4 that is made really from factory that make Lybga, and so much others, so after we drop the price he goes crazzy and black list our site as really he was a bauer makeer :) we have descovered the mos important think about him and be aware, he have not shop, he have no stock, he dropship from Usbeath and is high risk of scam, he has not any vat license or other, the adress he use is of Mr. Leo a honest man that now Paul goes crazzy that Leo ask him to remove his store address from becuase arrive much letters from lawers of much clients that Mr. Paul has lied. we have contated with South wales chamber and they confirmed it, he is a scamer, we have open a report through fax to south wales police and soon we will have some nice news, really he is brave to ligh but the truth is in the light, check carfull this image.

So to be clear:

1- Have no store and sell in illegal way
2- no warranty for products
3- have false address and no stock in UK
4-Is not bauer owner and never done any project
5- i invite him in a pubblic discussion to tell me how he make the bauer software and how is made bauer :)

Wbr, Carmelo.


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